Dana - Shyness and Acne

Dear Shykids Hi, I'm fifteen years old and I didn't used to be shy, but now I am.  I can't talk to anyone because I'm so embarrassed by my acne.  When I ask my parents about it, they just say things like "beauty is skin deep" and people should like you for who you are, not what you look like.  I just get so angry that they don't understand.  Any advice?  Dana

Dear Dana,  Acne is often one of the biggest causes of self-conscious behavior in teenagers because it's the time of life when people worry most about their looks.  No one wants to live with acne.  It's messy and can be painful.  You might want to explain to your parents that you know that the person inside of you is more important than your looks, but that the acne is hurting that person inside.  Ask them to visit some of these sites with you.  The site from the Academy of Dermatology explains the social impact of acne and provides

 links to find a dermatologist in your area. Remember, most of these sites will suggest that you contact your doctor (dermatologist) before using any acne products.  

Acne Support Group - Provides information about acne and latest treatments and important links.

Acne Agony - An article that originally appeared in FDA Consumer.  

In Your Face - Good information from KidsHealth.

American Academy of Dermatology - The most informative site on the subject of acne, with links to find local dermatologists.

Proactiv - A fairly new product that has shown some dramatic results.  Some of our visitors have praised this product.

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