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 We also like some other sites that provide the information needed to step away from the computer and go out and discover yourself through education and adventure.

Animal Lovers - KindNews features stories of kindness to animals (and people). Cool projects and tips to try your own act of kindness. 

Zoom PBS.Org - Games, activities, behind-the-scenes and great print-outs for activities and party invitations.

Girl Scouts USA   Informative site about girl scouting, from daisies to cadettes.  A fun girl's section with science experiments.  Shopping.

And other great finds....

Great Outdoors - A wonderful resource for information on outdoor sports.  This site has everything from adventure travel to windsurfing.  Good forums and links to other  sites.  And, of course, you can shop online.    

Manners and Etiquette - From, this site could win the "everything you always wanted to know" category for etiquette, table manners and sportsmanship.  Great links to other valuable sites.

Neopets - A wonderfully imaginative web site.  If you love pets, you won't want to miss this site.  It offers over 90 different games, trading auctions, virtual pet stores and more.


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