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For 4-8 Year old children  Recommended by the shykid's staff.

Let's Talk About Being Shy, by Marianne Johnson - Introduces the idea of being shy and offers suggestions on how young children can begin to be more comfortable in their environment. Published by Powerkids Press. 

Little Miss Shy  by Roger Hargraves - An entertaining way to begin a discussion about shyness.  Shows how much more fun life can be when you're not all alone.  Published by Price Stern Sloan Publishing.

Shy Charles, by Rosemary Wells - A very upbeat tale of a shy mouse and his brave rescue of his sister.  Shows that there are many sides to everyone. 

The Blushful Hippopatamus, by Chris Raschk - Despite his older sister's constant teasing, Roosevelt learns to appreciate his good qualities.   This books is wonderfully upbeat. Published by Orchard Books. 

Orlando's Little While Friends, by Audrey Wood, A tale that describes different kinds of friendships for the young reader.  Orlando learns to conquer his shyness and make friends. Published by Childs Play Intl Ltd.

Tiny Tiger by Barbara Derubertis, Eva Vagreti Cockrille (Illustrator),  A fun learning to read book that encourages friendship and sharing. A wise old lion gives Tiny Tiger some advice on not being so shy.

Wilson Sat Alone by Debra Hess, Diane Greenseid (Illustrator)   A heart warming story about the need for friendship and the comfort in finding it. Published by Simon & Schuster.

Zucchini, by Barbara Dana, Eileen Christelow (Illustrator)       A wonderful story about a very shy boy and his friendship with a ferret. Those readers up on their ferret facts may see a few errors, but overall this is a well written, delightful story.

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