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For 9-12 Year old children  Recommended by the shykid's staff.

Cliques, Phonies, & Other Baloney,  by Trevor Romain - A humorous and educational look at childhood cliques.  While taking the subjects of cliques seriously and giving great advice on forming friendships and ignoring cliques, this book also successfully tries to get the reader to laugh at themselves and especially at cliques.  It has a very practical approach to surviving the "clique" mentality.

Cool It, Carrie (Making Friends, 2) by Kate Andrews - An easy and entertaining book to read.  Valuable lessons for all on how to handle tough situations with grace and humor.


How Kids Make Friends : Secrets for Making Lots of Friends, No
Matter How Shy You Are ,
by Lonnie Michelle, Lonny Michelle, Teresa McHugh (Illustrator) - An excellent book with an upbeat tone.  Great practical advice on how to be a friend and make friends. 

The Shy one
by Dorothy Nathan - A timeless story of a young girl learning who she is and learning to accept the many sides of herself that she discovers on her journeys. 


Too Old For This, Too Young For That by Harriet Mosatche and Karen M. Unger.  This book was written for girls and boys in the middle school years.  It offers information and advice on making the transition from childhood to adolescence.  In addition to having great information, middle schoolers we've spoken to thought this book was a fun read.

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