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The Highly Sensitive Person : How to Thrive
When the World    Overwhelms You

by Elaine N. Aron - The book all of you may have been waiting for.  Instead of addressing sensitivity as a problem, Elaine Aron explains in great detail that sensitivity is a personality trait, rather than a flaw that needs to be overcome. Dr. Aron views shyness as a reaction to situations rather than a "condition".  For all those struggling with the issue of shyness or trying to help someone else with it, please read this book.  It may very well change your life.



The Shy Child:  Helping Children Triumph over Shyness by Ward K. Swallow, Ph.D. - A real hands-on  approach to helping children who are shy.  This book reveals the signs of shyness with many practical suggestions about how to help your child cope with anxiety.  Swallow provides unique approaches based on each child's age level.  This is a great book! Most ordered book 


Normal Children Have Problems, Too : How Parents Can Understand and Help by Stanley Turecki, - For those feeling overwhelmed by frustration in dealing with a shy child, this book is a wonderful read.  Dr. Turecki's advice helps parents accept the child they have with advice on helping parents accept in-born traits.  Extremely helpful information in communicating with teachers.


The Shy Child, Overcoming and Preventing Shyness from Infancy to Philip G. Zimbardo and Shirley Radl - This books provides solid advice to parents with practical advice on how to select the right pre-school and tough no-nonsense techniques to help your shy child.


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All That She Can Be: Helping Your Daughter Maintain Her
by Carol J. Eagle, Carol Colman (Contributor) - An insightful book that alerts parents to the problems of girls 9-17.  Inspiring information on how to help your daughter maintain her confidence and self-esteem during these difficult years.  Published by Fireside. 

Always Accept Me for Who I Am:Instructions from Teenagers on Raising the Perfect Parent by 147 Teens Who Know by J. S. Salt (Compiler) - Touching advice directly from teenagers. If you think you're really listening to your teenager, this book may make you think again. Published by Three Rivers Press.

Real Boys : Rescuing Our Sons from the Myths of Boyhood by William S. Pollack. -  In this book Pollack takes on popular myths surrounding the conventional definition of masculinity.  He addresses the  expectations of males in our society and the effect this has on boy's self-esteem.  Practical advice for parents of adolescent boys.  Published by Owl Books. 

Say Goodbye To Being Shy, by Richard Brozovich and Linda Chase An excellent primer for parents looking for ways to help children increase awareness and improve their social skills. Hands-on activities that prompt conversations about the very real social issues faced by shy kids and teens.

Shyness : A Bold New Approach...
by Bernardo J. Carducci PhD   Many self-help strategies are incorporated in this inspiring book on shyness.  While discussing the latest discoveries on shyness, Carducci offers practical advice on the road to self acceptance.  Published by Harpercollins.

201 Great Questions for Parents and Children 
by Jerry D. Jones. A wonderful book that helps break the ice for parents and keeps the kids talking about their feelings. An effective first step in learning how to talk to your children and encourage them to talk back.  Published by Navpress.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families....,by Stephen R. Covey, Sandra Merrill Covey - Covey provides practical and philosophical advice on raising children in these turbulent times.  

Bullies & Victims : Helping Your Child Survive the Schoolyard
by Suellen Fried, Paula Fried - Provides the tools adults need to help both the victim and the bully while exploring the nature of relationships in childhood.  Practical strategies provided for parents on how to deal with schools and other parents and how to minimize the pain for the abused child. 

Every Child Can Succeed: Making the Most of Your Child's Learning
by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias - An innovative approach to raising self-confident and positive children. Published by Focus on the Family Publishing.

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