It's those casual conversations in school, or on line with our peers and friends that often become the most awkward moments of the day.  Here are some tips for relaxing and improving skills.  Remember that almost everyone feels uncomfortable when first starting conversations.  Don't think about how scared you are.  Just think about what you want to say and then talk...

Conversation Starters on the School Bus:

  • I think I have to take my jacket off.  It's so hot on this bus today.

  • If there's a new bus driver, you can say: Wow, a new bus driver, I wonder what happened to our old one.

  • Did you have a lot of homework last night? 


  • What are you doing this weekend?

  • Does your teacher give homework on the weekends?

  • I'm so tired.  I should have gotten more sleep. What time do you go to sleep?


  • I take piano lessons after school.  Do you take music?  (If the answer is no, then ask what the person does like to do after school.)

Conversation Starters on the Lunch Line:

  • Wow, pizza again.  I love pizza, do you?

  • Oh no, not macaroni and cheese.  It's awful, don't you think? (of course you can substitute your most and least favorites.)

  • What do you like to play at recess?  I like to........(fill in what you like to do).

    Keeping the conversation going: 

    Did you ever get into a conversation and  after a few sentences no one has anything left to say?  Here are a few tips on how to get past those first few minutes.

    • In order to have an interesting conversation, you have to be an interesting person.


    • Stay involved in activities so that you will have something to talk about. If you don't  do anything but sit around watching TV or playing video games there's not a whole lot to talk about. 

    • Rather than spending a lot of time thinking about how uncomfortable you are, spend the quiet moments during the day thinking about different subjects and how you feel about them.  If you're really sure about what you think about different subjects, talking about it becomes much easier.  Think about: Do you like your teacher, softball, soccer?  Do you like music and what kind? Do you like to read and what are your favorite books and why? Do you prefer Nintendo or Playstation?


    • Don't be disappointed if every kid doesn't share your interests.  Each of us is different, with different interests.  How we learn who we like to be with and who we want to be our friends is by honestly talking about who we are.  

    • AND.....during a conversation, don't be afraid to ask more questions. Sometimes kids think asking questions is being nosey.  Most people liked to be asked questions about themselves.   It shows that other people are interested in them.  


    • The key to a good conversation is balance.  Take turns talking and really listening to what the other person is saying so that you can make a comment or ask a question to keep the conversation going.   Remember that talking to other kids should be fun - being ridiculous or silly sometimes is also part of getting to know a new friend.


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