Building Confidence

Exploring Talents - Some people discover their talents very early in their life. Lucky them! But for most of us, it takes some time and effort to discover what we like to do and what we are good at. And, the only way to uncover talents, is by trying many different things. 

Some people try baseball and when they don't like it, say they don't like sports. Well, maybe they don't like baseball, or team sports. Maybe they would like and be good at tennis. If you love music and take violin lessons only to find out that violin gives you a headache, maybe your fingers would make a piano come alive. Some kids have an exceptional talent with younger children and volunteer after school at day-care centers or organize activities with younger children in their neighborhood. 

There are so many things to find out about yourself, so many wonderful things to discover. Maybe by next year, you will see that you are a talented artist, a good flute player, a warm-hearted big brother or sister, an award winning first baseman, a pretty good jazz dancer.  There are so many many things to try. Start today.    

Take Care of Yourself - Most kids do a lot of thinking about themselves.  But taking care of yourself will give you a much better feeling about yourself than merely thinking about yourself all the time.  There are lots of ways to start taking care of yourself.  Since your parents have a big role in taking care of you now, you probably want to talk to them about ways you could begin to take on more of the responsibility for you. 

Depending on age and strength, kids can do many things like: make the bed, take out the garbage, make their own lunch for school, do their own laundry, practice piano without reminders, get an after school or summer job, do the dinner dishes or clean up the house.  There is nothing that will build confidence more than being able to say "I can really do that". 

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