Stop the labels


Your fear of being with other kids or talking to grown-ups is not everything you are.  It's just a small part of the real you waiting to be discovered.  By finding out what you like to do, who you want to be your friends and what your talents are, you can find yourself and lose your shyness.

By telling yourself or others that you are shy, you are telling people (whether you mean to or not)  that is all you are. I'm shy, so don't expect me to talk, don't expect me to have an opinion, don't expect too much from me at all.

Discovering who you are is a little scary for everyone but also exciting and very rewarding.

You may wonder why then, did we name this web site "Shykids".  Well, we knew that's how you'd find us.  And just because you read a web site called shy kids, doesn't mean you have to call yourself one.

So, please lose the label, read on and discover all those great things about yourself that are just now beginning to bloom.


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