Since we introduced shykids a few years ago, we've heard from hundreds of shy children and teens.  Many explained that their level of discomfort was highest in the classroom environment.  Most pointed out how the influence of the teacher either greatly helped or harmed them.  We were touched to hear stories of teachers going the extra mile and helping children completely turn-around their ability to function in the classroom.  We were disheartened to read about a thirteen year old boy who was not only mocked by his classmates, but his teacher as well.  One thing is certain: teachers can make a remarkable difference in the life of a shy child. The following lists some sites that have information directly presented for teachers.  We also encourage you to check out letters from teens, shykids books and the grown-ups pages.


All Kinds of Minds - All Kinds of Minds provides programs, tools, and a common language for parents, educators, and clinicians to help students with differences in learning achieve success in the classroom and in life. Among other things, Dr. Mel Levine and his colleagues discuss how personality and temperament play a role in success in the classroom.

Education World  Lynne Kelly, a professor of communication at the University of Hartford discusses shyness in children and offers seven valuable tips for teachers on helping shy children in the classroom.

Eric Digests  -  Descriptions of  the variety of ways shyness manifests itself in the classroom.

Kinderstart - More discussion of classroom techniques to help children feel more comfortable in the classroom environment.

Selective-Mutism.com - A site developed by Mrs. Gail Kervatt, a school reading specialist in the public school system.  The Silence Within is a nonfiction teacher/parent resource about her work with a selectively mute child and the process that followed in helping him overcome the disorder after five years of being mute in school and all social situations.


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