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 We also like some other sites that provide the information needed to step away from the computer and go out and discover yourself through education and adventure.

Bolt.com - .  Movies, music, style, cars, horoscopes, chat, polls and many more categories covered.  If it's popular, Bolt covers it.

Education and Planning For Your Future

Choosing A College - USNews provides a most comprehensive site on choosing a college - from local community colleges to major universities.  A "grade point average calculator" lets you calculate the grades you'll need to get into the college you want. A college personality quiz will help you define who you are and what college is best  for you and the forum will answer  questions. 

Infoplease - A good resource for homework help.

Investing for Kids - Play the ThinkQuest Stock Game to learn how to earn in the stock market.  Even if you never invest real money, this is a very good site to learn how the market works and speaks.  Some useful advice on managing money and planning for the future.

And some more great finds...

Great Outdoors - A wonderful resource for information on outdoor sports.  This site has everything from adventure travel to windsurfing.  Good forums and links to other  sites.  And, of course, you can shop online.

Manners and Etiquette - This site could win the "everything you always wanted to know" category for etiquette, table manners and sportsmanship.  Great links to other  sites.

Teenlit - What a great find for the teen writer!  Submit your own writing, join the writer's workshop, and link to the best literature sites out there.

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